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Lawyers Without Borders


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Letter from the 2020/2021 Committee

"Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) – Student Division at SOAS" is a student-run society at SOAS stemming from LWOB, a not-for-profit international organisation that manages lawyers offering pro bono service worldwide to promote rule of law and human rights projects.

As a Student Division we aim to reproduce the work of our mother organisation by highlighting (i) pro bono opportunities for our members, and (ii) access to justice problems around the world.
This academic year, our goal is to offer our members a vibrant experience of what it means to be part of a community interested in furthering rule of law projects. We have organised events with which students can engage virtually (Term 1) and in person (Term 2); both as active participants (through advocacy competitions and research projects) and interested listeners (in Webinars and Panel Discussions).

We hope to conclude the academic year with greater awareness of human rights issues around the world, and the role we can all play in tackling them.



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