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Welcome to the greatest sports team at SOAS. It is true that we have suffered many losses during our history, and have finished at the bottom of our league (http://www.skadl.org.uk). However, that's not what we're about. We are above other sports teams. SOAS Darts is not about training sessions, physical exertion, or winning matches. It is in no way about bagging a nine dart finish. It’s about the dart itself. The excitement, the joy, the dreams that accompany the dart as it is released from hand and makes its journey to the long awaited board. And it's also about drinking pints. The way we play, we get to throw twice as many darts. Twice as many darts. Twice as many dreams. Who’s winning?

We take part in both home and away fixtures. Half of our matches will take place in the SOAS bar, and you do not have to attend every match. As has always been the case in our long two year history, the emphasis will always be on having a great time. As long as you accept the way of the dart into your heart I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.



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