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Do you ever wonder why the fruit you buy in London most of the time has absolutely no taste while other (very few times) is juicy and aromatic? Have you ever wondered how the orange you are eating arrives to your hands and how long before was it picked from the tree? Would you like to receive your weekly package of marvellous agricultural products to uni directly sent by the person who produced it?
Then Conscious Consumer Society is what you were looking for. “Conscious consumers” is a society based around the idea that in the 21st century, any person should be concerned about where food comes from, how it was produced and by whom. It willorganise delicious dinners and workshops raising awareness about the importance of food seasonality and agricultural development. Since last year CCS is affiliated to an Italian consortium of small producers selling their products directly to consumers skipping intermediary changes ( The society will manage cumulative orders of fruits and semi-transformed food products and the distribution among its members. 



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