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Climbing & Mountaineering Club


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To introduce climbing as a sport to those who have not had the chance before and encourage those who already have some experience. We will organise several trips to climbing venues in the UK throughout the year and one big trip abroad during the easter holiday. The skill level is very varied and we have people of all abilities who are very happy to help anyone out who wants a bti of advice.

We climb regularly at The Castle Climbing close to Manor House (Piccadilly Line) station in N London. Sessions are Wednesdays 2-4pm and Fridays 5-8pm - generally followed by a pub visit! But lots of other sessions get organised on an ad hoc basis through the Facebook group.

We will also be organising socials, whether this is a pub visit after a climbing session, a climbing themed film night or a sunny summer picnic. We're always up for suggestions.

Please if you have any questions give us an email on


Wed 7th October

Online Film Screening "The Dawn Wall"
7th October 8pm - 10pm
The Dawn wall is a fantastic character study on seasoned free climber Tommy Caldwell, following his life and his and his climbing partners (Kevin Jorgeson) preparations for climbing the infamous "El Capitan" in Yosemite Park.



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