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Asio-European Cultural Exchange Society (ACES)


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The Asio-European Cultural Exchange Society (ACES) is a new and unique society which primarily aims to increase and also celebrate the cross-cultural connections of the Asian and European continents. ACES will do this by organising and delivering an event of large scope, style and diverse character. The activities will consist of high profile speakers such as Abdulkalam, Amartya Sen and Hossein Nasr. After their speeches there will be a show of cultural display consisting of European and Asian Music and Dance. ACES also aims to try and integrate social cultural events by cooperating with a European and an Asian society to create a cross-cultural and diverse social gathering. Another aspect of ACES will be to help Asian students in accommodating with the European culture and vice versa. ACES will liaise with the SOAS Careers Service to find Internships, Volunteering Opportunities, Cultural Exchanges and information about general travel to Asian and European countries. The society will be looking into possibilities of organising observational trips of groups of students from Europe to Asian countries and the other way around. Ultimately the aim of ACES is to develop understanding of cross-cultural values which we regard as essential in the process of globalization.



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