Connecting all music lovers and musicians at SOAS, we facilitate practice and learning, provide instruments for all and organise joint termly concerts/gig nights with other music societies.


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Musicians Society


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NOTE TO ALL NEW MEMBERS: After joining our society through the website, please send us a short email stating which instrument/s you play or would like to learn, and what genre/s you specialise in/particularly like to listen to or play. Thanks!

SOAS Musicians Society 

Musicians and music lovers are warmly invited to join the Musicians Society. Our aim is to provide a platform for all musicians to connect with each other at SOAS, as well as to facilitate practice and learning, especially for those looking to start an instrument and non-music degree students (who cannot access the music facilities but would like to play).  

We regularly update our ‘Musicians Directory’ (a comprehensive list of musicians at SOAS and what they play) so that anyone can seek out artists for events, group forming, solo performances etc, by contacting us and gaining recommendations/contact details. Although we believe this is a great resource for new members, you are not obliged to add your name to this directory in order to join the society.

Throughout the year, we will organise gig nights, events and joint concerts with other music societies, to showcase talent and bring together the music community. We aim to bring in music teachers and performers from outside of SOAS, which members can benefit from and take instrument lessons at highly subsidised prices. More experienced members will also be encouraged to hold small instrument classes, in which less experienced members can learn alongside other players in a friendly, familiar environment.

We strive to make music accessible to all and we are campaigning for dedicated music spaces at SOAS, with instruments that everyone is free to play on. We are connecting with local music stores, studios and practice spaces to provide instrument discounts and cheaper, reliable solo/group practice options outside of university facilities.

Societal meetings are usually held every Wednesday at 6pm in the Russell Room. 

Once again, we invite you to join the society, regardless of what you play and whether you play! No auditions, just sign up. And if you’re looking to join a band, learn an instrument or to see how we can help you with your music pursuits at SOAS, talk to us. To join the society, please add to basket and proceed to checkout.

You can write to with any questions.






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