Welcome to In-Yo Izakaya-Kissaten, SOAS Japanese Bar and Café Society We are a new society, and aim to promote the understanding and appreciation of Japanese drinks, culture, food, arts and music.


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In-Yo Izakaya-Kissaten


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In-Yo: Kissaten by day, Izakaya by night…

Kissaten - Japanese inspired tea house pop-up by day

  • refocus with a green tea;  matcha, sencha,  hojicha, genmaichai…
  • indulge in a tasty traditional wagashi sweet treat, or
  • recharge with a refreshing and delicious highly nutritional vegan protein smoothie

Izakaya –-drinking, bar snacks & music by night! Japanese whisky, shochu highballs, sake cocktails...

  • Sake tasting & talks
  • Board games (Go, Shoji)
  • Performances & film
  • Onigiri-making workshops
  • Kareoke, if you want it!

We chose the name In-Yo (Yin-Yang), because we would like our members to feel free to be active or passive, according to where they are in their work-rest-play cycle. In practical terms this means you can either simply and be entertained and enjoy our high-value, high-quality refreshments, or you can devise and deliver your own idea/ mini-project, or volunteer to wo/man the bar or cafe. In this way the offering can be co-created and co-delivered by and for the group. 

If there is anything in particular you would like, or can offer/ share, especially if you have an hour or two between lectures to help out, please get in touch!



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