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Food for Luca


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Food for Luca is a new project created with the intent of helping the local homeless and needy. The concept is simple, to create a platform to do good within our local SOAS community. This is done through raising money one week and the next week buying, preparing and handing out meals. We hope our ‘Food-Walk’ will become an integral part of SOAS life. Besides sharing food, we would also like to raise awareness of the homelessness in London, through lectures and experiences!

Who is Luca?
The inspiration behind the project and its name is: Luca, a young man, who was searching through the garbage for food, in sheer desperation. A simple meal meant so much to him. There are so many Lucas out there, young, desperate and hungry. So even though we cannot solve the problem of homelessness, we hope to do a little to alleviate some of the hunger, one simple meal at a time. 



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