Create a Society

If you would like to register a society first have a look at the existing list of active societies to make sure something similar doesn’t already exist and then follow the 5 steps below to create a new society. You will be emailed the forms after you complete the online registration. 

  1. Register Online

  2. Submit governance documents (Constitution, Indemnity Form)

  3. Provide Society information (Blurb, Annual Plan and Budget)

  4. Submit Membership List

  5. Complete Annual Risk Assessment


1) Register Online

All Societies are required to register every year. This is to ensure we have a live list of all our active societies and sports teams as well as an up to date database of contacts so we can share important updates and information. This is also the first step when creating a new society.


2) Submit Forms (via email)

The constitution describes the aims and objectives of your society and how it will be governed. There is a model constitution you can use for this.
Indemnity form 
We ask you to sign an indemnity form as well as the equality and diversity statement so that you affirm that you understand and will uphold equality and diversity standards in the running of your society/club.


3) Provide information about your society & Budget

Society Blurb
This is a brief overview of the society, its aims and objectives, and the types of activities/events you plan to host. This may be used in the SU Handbook and on the Website.
Annual Plan
The annual plan gives you a better idea of what you want to achieve; plans for the year ahead, the society’s aims and will be a starting point for planning the society’s year.
It will also help with preparing your budget as you will have laid out your ambitions for the year and be able to estimate costs
Budget Form
This is a bid/request for a budget for the society. This should be calculated based on the activities you plan to host over the year. The more detail provided, the more likely bids are to be successful.
Budgets will only be allocated after you have completed all aspects of registration. 

4) Submit Membership List

All societies/Clubs must have a minimum of 16 active participants. When starting a new society once you have collated interest, complete excel spreadsheet of the names/Student IDs and send it in for them to be added as members on the SU Website.


5) Complete Annual Risk Assessment

The annual risk assessment asks you to consider potential risks related to the regular/key events you plan to host. By considering potential risks and putting in place control measures you will create safer, more welcoming and better activities
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