'This is probably the best Arabic store I have been to. Most shelf items are available in Edgware Road, but their Ramadam foods are made there and are the best. Think kunafa, basbossa, baklawa, qatayef. They also have Arabic ice cream and a small bakery.'

Address: Acton Business Centre, School Road, London NW10 6TD

Nearest Tube: North Acton

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Portobello market

'Yes it's touristy but it still has its old Londonite crowd, especially the Goldborne road end, and the food stall- both veg and fruit and street food are yummmmmmmmy, and cheap. And there's almost always a man playing steel drums, a man walking around with a dog on his shoulders and lovely crazies and no matter when i go or what i am going through, I always leave portobello happy and smiling with a skip in my step...but that may because my history with the place...but i mean, in terms of all dat multicultural shit SOAS likes to pretend it offers, this place has a sexy selection of street foods - Ghanaian (best food stall there in my opinion), paella, meditarranenean, then on Saturdays there's a whole other selection of food stalls from anywhere and everywhere...it changes. The atmosphere is just happy.'

Address: Portobello Road, W10 5TA

Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill Gate

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