Burgess Park

"It's a hilly park near Elephant and Castle. Lots of open green fields overlooking Southwark and nearby areas. It's an amazing park to have a BBQ but be warned, the BBQ area is always packed on weekends."

Nearest Tube: Elephant and Castle


Greens just off Oxford Street

"Avoid walking down Oxford Street itself. Go one block north or one block south and you'll find various little squares and green spaces to sit down - or just for a less congested walk from one end to the other. (Might even hear a bird sing)."



The canal bit behind Kings Cross

'When you cut through the main square where the granary store restaurant and beautiful fountain displays are....and walk down the stairs to the canal, then you can go and sit under the bridge or whatever it is at night....when the water is super calm and its all quiet and serene and safe.....feels like you are not in London anymore!'

Nearest Tube: King's Cross

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The Bandstand at Regent's Park 

'If the studying gets a little too much and you need to escape somewhere quiet, head towards the boating lake in Regent's park. Just across the lake is the bandstand, and the grass around it is carpeted by daisies around exam time, as well as mellow, content humans if the sun decides to shine.'

Nearest Tube: Regent's Park

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