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SOAS Team of the Year 2017/18!!

The biggest sport for women and non-binary people. Training is 5-7pm @ Highbury Fields (N5 2XE) on Mondays and Wednesdays. We participate in both BUCS and LUSL leagues with games also on Mondays and Wednesdays.

If you wish to join and get regular updates please join at our facebook group.

All abilities welcome! We have competitive teams, social teams and a queer team! SOAS Netball can be as competitive or as casual as you want it to be!

Captain: Lottie Flood
Social Sec: Martha Greenhough
Co-presidents: Holly Sommers and Mao Nakano
Pastoral Sec: Vera Mey

Will be looking for captain(s) for the other team(s) as a well once the season starts.
Contact any of us with questions, issues, suggestions, compliments. 

We have a fabulous coach, Kim, who will be with us 5:15-6:45pm on Mondays.

There are sports nights throughout the year that include other sports teams and are organised by the soas sports officer Miriam Amrani.

We will also have our own socials which include anything from meals out to bowling to nights out.

Last year, the team went on a netball tour to Butlins where they participated in a netball tournament. 

Sports ball also happens every year at the season end in March. It’s a great (and the only) fancy night so look forward to that!

Queer netball:
Whilst SOAS Netball is the most diverse and supportive and inclusive club at soas, we are also running an LGBTQIA+ only netball club that is open to those outside of SOAS too. If you are a woman or non-binary and LGBTQIA+ you can come to that 6:30-8:30pm on Mondays at highbury fields. This session is free (with a suggested £1 donation) And is much more casual and open to all abilities. Queer netball is a great way to be part of the London queer scene with other unis and outside of uni life! It is ran by former committee member Anna Jordan.




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