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Airenjuku Aikido


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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that can be translated as "The Way of Harmonic Energy." Harmonisation, as opposed to confrontation is at the heart of Aikido, therefore it is a very effective way of training mind, body and spirit as well as a very practical form of self defence. Unlike other martial arts, Aikido is more about working with your training partner as opposed to against them. As it less aggresive and non competitive, it is suitable for all ages and people of all shapes and sizes. It's a great way of keeping fit, promoting flexibility, core strength and increased co-ordination and reaction.

Airenjuku, (translated as "Small Hall of Harmonious Practicioners") was formed over 21 years ago and is a very successful Aikido society at SOAS. Airenjuku offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which allows students to train and live their everday lives without the burden of competition. The dojo provides opportunites to train outside of London - and even abroad. Practicing Aikido at our dojo isn't just a great way to keep fit, it's great for socialising too as we always go for a drink after training!


Training at SOAS is FREE for SOAS students, and takes place at the following times:


This year we are offering a new beginners course which runs over two terms. If you follow this course you will be able to take the 6th kyu grading at the end of the Spring term. We have divided the two hour Tuesday training session into two segments - the first hour, from 6:30pm - 7:30pm will be a beginners class introducing the basics of Aikido. The next hour from 7:30pm - 8:30pm will be a general class allowing you to implement what you learnt in the beginner's class. Beginners are encouraged to stay on for both hours as it will help you progress quicker!



Tuesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday 10am - 12:30am (general and weapons training)

Location: SOAS basement (go down the staircase opposite the library entrance. turn right and walk along the corridor till the end. On your left will be a door leading to a staircase. Go down until you reach the basement)

Any students who are already Aikido practicioners are welcome to come and train with us during their time at SOAS!


Come and try a FREE taster class on Tuesday 29th September or Saturday 3rd October!




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