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Student Activities at SOAS Students' Union are led by Soph, Co-President Activities & Events

Congratulations, you have just entered one of the most inclusive, multi-cultural, EXCITING and dynamic universities in the world. 
When people say that life is what you make of it...Well... The same is true for your university experience! Even more so for SOAS. SOAS is your oyster. All the different aspects of SOAS (the courses you choose, events you attend, societies you join and people you meet), without you realizing, will encourage you to get involved, push your limits, and inspire you to always want more. And one day, you’ll look back, and you’ll say thank you, as I did. 
As Co-president of Activities and Events, I am here to ensure that you will explore and enjoy what SOAS has to offer. Not only great courses, but also endless extra curricular activities will appear in front of you, opening new doors. Your job as a student is to grab any opportunity that comes in front of you, and make the best out of it - it will only be beneficial. Being involved in university societies, sports and attending/organizing events is extremely rewarding! It is a great opportunity to meet people, have fun and challenge and share your own beliefs.
The choice of societies and sports teams is huge, and the ball is in your hands if you want to create new ones. Whether they are political, of entertainment, cultural, musical or sports teams (in teams or individual)– they are waiting for you and your ideas. The societies handbook can be found on the website; feel free to join, create, and enjoy! I will help you do so. 
You will hear around you that SOAS is like a little village... For me, SOAS is like a strong team in which combining solidarity and having fun is the key to success. 
Having a successful degree doesn’t only result to academic studies, but also with the activities that you choose to do outside. The union is here for you. We’re here to make sure you have a great time, feel free to come see us at the office anytime!
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