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Student Activities at SOAS Students' Union are led by Peadar, Co-President Activities & Events


Hey kids! It’s me, Peadar (rhymes with Bladder), also known as my drag persona, Glangela Fever (catch me on IG @auntglange). I’m 21 years young and from the Emerald Isle (Ireland) but have lived in London for the past 3 years to study music here in SOAS. I’m delighted to be working in the SOAS Students Union this year as your Co-President of Activities and Events, but what does this mean for you? You can expect a year packed with events like open mics, sports tournaments, drag shows, student-run seminar series, campaigns, tonnes of live music and some of the best Late Licenses to date!


Some of the highlights of my time here in SOAS have been at the events and activities run by the SU, from the late licenses and parties to campaigns and protests. The SOAS community champions every voice and lifts them up, creating this incredible energy that anyone can feel by just walking into the JCR. I promise to not only keep this energy but help it reach the next level. 


After spending my first year in SOAS, I was dissapointed by the lack of queer visibility which inspired me to set up the SOAS Drag Society. Starting it on my lonesome, the society has grown massively and we have had 10 stunning shows over the past two years. If you feel like you/your community is not being adequately represented in the SU then starting a society is a great way to build up the community and increase visibility. If you would like to start a new society or resurrect an old one but are not sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be more than happy to help out. 


Another focus of mine is showcasing the widely varied talents here in SOAS from musicians, artists, writers to athletes and academics. We have so many incredible opportunities here at SOAS and I want to help every student get the most out of there time here. I hope to bring a new level of organisation and communication to the Students’ Union, through better utilisation of social media, the website and notice boards so that students know what’s happening, when things are happening and where they are. 


If you have any ideas for events, need help organising activities, have society issues, or whatever, feel free to contact me at or pop into G8 for a chat. 

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