Antonia Bright
Antonia Bright

Representation and Research Coordinator

Antonia Bright

(she/her) | | 02078984998


I have responsibility toward the student rep system, working with the Democracy and Education Sabbatical, Academic Affairs officer(s) and with the Student Experience team in the school.  

  • Student reps are a very important link between students, departments and the SU because they are in a great position to voice what matters to students. Find out about the training and opportunities open to reps on the student reps website. I can also be reached via 

I also provide assistance and advice on union-conducted research to help inform and assist the Union in exerting influence and to shape priorities and strategies.  

  • This includes surveys to gage the views of students, student reps and S.U student-staff; sometimes discussion groups for a more in-depth view; and drawing together public data and external research in higher education. 


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