Anna Dodridge
Anna Dodridge

General Manager

Anna Dodridge

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Well thanks for taking the time to click through to this page to find out more about me, how kind of you. I have the most vague job title in the SU, the 'general manager' although it is reasonably accurate as my role is to generally manage things...

I'm the senior staff member of the SU, and I'm responsible for leading the staff team and supporting the Co-Presidents. It's my job to make sure that our organisation is legally compliant, financially sustainable and that we do what we're here to do. 

I support our Trustee Board, my role is Clerk to the Board, responsible for the administration of the governance of the SU.

Since 2003 I've worked in a bunch of Students' Unions, and I started working as an advice caseworker. I've got a background working on tackling sexual & gender based violence, including being a Rape Crisis Trustee and part of a Parliamentary Advisory group on Sexual Harassment complaints. 

And in my real life outside the office I'm a drummer and gigging musician (when global pandemics aren't happening), and my weird connection to SOAS SU is that I've twice recorded with Steve Albini, who engineered Nirvana, who once played in the SU Bar. If you're from the 90s and into music that's something you might like to know...


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